For real, play free? Check these tips on playing for free!

Free play casinos are everywhere. Are they all the same? Which websites should you choose to play?

Free Online Slots Sites

You can find classic sites like dedicated to providing players with real slots that are NOT for real money. These slots are for fun only and can be played anywhere. There are no legal restrictions to worry about, because there’s no money involved! These kind of websites are perfect for anyone  who  just wants to play some slots without spending any money.

Facebook and Social Slots

Beyond these sites you also have the social media slots that you can play for free, or buy extra top-up packs to open more features and to compete for prizes and leaderboard positions. Brands like Cashman Casino and Slotomania have millions of fans and offer daily free coins, giveaways and much more. Pretty fun, and a great way to play if you enjoy using Facebook!

Real Money Free Online Slots

This is where things get a bit more confusing. Real money slots aren’t usually free to play, because winning real money without risking your own isn’t something that makes a whole lot of business sense. However, there are ways to play demo slots and to claim free spins bonuses for signing up to new online casinos. You  have to be of legal age to gamble and in a country that allows registrations to online casinos, but if that all checks out you’re good to go. The Online Slots section is a great place to start.

Gambling with crypto currencies – Why is it getting more popular?

If you have been living on the moon, under a rock, or at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for the past ten years, perhaps you haven’t heard about bitcoin yet. For those who have, the question of whether or not crypto currencies like bitcoin are a suitable option for gambling will no doubt have crossed your mind. You can find useful bitcoin casino links in  directories like this one.

The facts seem to line up in its favour:

Bitcoin gambling pros

  1. It’s a secure digital currency making transactions trustless – you don’t require a bank or payment processor to carry your transaction.
  2. It is borderless meaning you can choose who you pay, again no bank or payment provider involvement.
  3. It is relatively anonymous, so you can retain your privacy.

However, as with any emerging technology, there are also some things that count against it.

Bitcoin gambling cons

  1. It is not given any protection – if you lose your bitcoin there is nobody to turn to.
  2. The technology supporting it is in some cases, immature. You might have to strap your techy boots on to figure out how to use it!
  3. It is in some cases the Wild West – a playground for unscrupulous rip-off merchants!

How to gamble with bitcoin safely

The first thing to remember is that not all casinos, bookmakers or bitcoin dice sites are created equally. You should do some research before playing. You can try a trusted online casino forum like the time-served Casinomeister, or check out a reputable casino bonus site offering bitcoin casino bonuses like Bonus Giant.

Whatever you choose to do next, there is a lot to be said for bitcoin gambling, and with innovations like the FunFair coin still building, who knows what the future could bring?

Check out the best gambling bonus site!

Established way back in the murky depths of internet history, is one of the original bonus sites.

We have spent many hours searching through the offers available, and wishing we had more time to search even deeper!


Although the site is now much reduced from what it used to be, it’s still worth taking a look around. Some of the old content has been archived and is still available, but they do seem to be adding occasional new articles too. It’s worth taking some time to research what this site used to offer, maybe try the Wayback machine for more content?



Well we happen to know that a LOT of people are looking for a Bitstarz casino bitstarz bonus ohne einzahlung or as we call it in English a Bitstarz no deposit bonus. This bitcoin casino is one of the most popular casinos on planet earth right now for many reasons, chief of which is its amazing payment system offering instant withdrawals in crypto and also various e-wallets and regular payment options.

Why play at Bitstarz anyway?

Bitstarz has been proven to pay out fast, to offer superior support to players, and to always be first with the new slots and games. Thousands of gamblers around the world now trust Bitstarz as their premier point of play for slots and online casino table games.

As the price of bitcoin stabilizes, people are starting to see this as a real alternative to cash payments, and it works just fine when you get used to it.

You don’t HAVE to use bitcoin though. For those of us used to other payment methods like Skrill, Bitstarz accepts them too.

Wishmaker Casino

2020 Update Wishmaker casino has closed to the UK.

Wishmaker is a brand new online casino featuring amazing slots and games and a fantastic design that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

wishmaker casino

Wishmaker casino reviews

It has already received great reviews from sites like UK Casino Awards (read the UK Casino Awards Wishmaker casino review here) and looks to be one of the stand out brand launches of 2019.

If you are excited to try this new casino, then read the review and consider claiming the signup bonus when you first register. The bonus is pretty fair as far as these things go and looks to be worth grabbing.

Watch this casino

We think Wishmaker casino will be one to watch in 2019 and we hope it will reward our good faith.

If you have good or bad experiences to share about this casino why not let us know in the comments below?

Welcome to the million dollar gambling homepage

Ok we’ve all heard of the million dollar homepage, right? Well now things just got a whole lot more interesting, here’s the MILLION DOLLAR GAMBLING HOMEPAGE!

Ok, admission time. We removed the old school homepage and now we just link to good stuff on the internet. Well, why not? These are mostly sites where you can find good gambling information and stuff like that.

If you want to find international casino offers, then we would probably suggest you pay a visit to a bonus site because they offer 1000s of worldwide slots and pokies bonuses.

For everything else, there’s Casinomeister 😀